Sretno svima iz Žminja! Guštaj Božić!

Branko šalje poziv na novogodišnje paljenje japlenice

palimo japlenicu za novu godinu!
26. prosinac 2011. u jutro – paljenje
26. do 31. prosinca – loženje
2. siječnja 2012. – otvaranje i početak gašenja vapna
2. do 5. siječnja – gašenja vapna i spremanja živog vapna

ako te zanima, svrati
guštaj u simbolici vatre i kemijskoj promjeni tvari

ne zaboravi  “dobru ruku”











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  1. […] In the beginning, there was this huge piece of land and a couple of crumbling houses on it. Sometime in 2009, as our idea about this place was defined as something “old” and as rural as possible somewhere in Istria, I googled “stone houses restoration Croatia”, exploring. I came across Branko Orbanić via and decided to write him an email expressing general interest in what he does (at this point we haven’t even started looking at the properties yet). Branko is “an architect, builder and an activist”, from Žminj, Istria who runs a company specialised in restoring stone houses and monuments. A guy extremely passionate in reigniting interest in traditional building methods – giving talks, running workshops and training other builders and general public on the subject. Amongst other things, he “runs” his own lime kiln. […]

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