Improve a Heritage Site

Ambijent izgleda poznato? U "našoj" kategoriji prošle godine je na Europa Nostra Grand Prix odnio projekt Norvegian Heritage Foundation-a koji uključuje klince u obnovu kamenih kućica. Svoj rad će predstaviti 20.9. na ovogodišnjem The Best in Heritage u Dubrovniku.

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Norwegian Heritage Foundation (NHF) has developed the project «Improve a Heritage Site»: Educational and awareness-raising work amongst children and young people up to 18 years all over Norway. They are inspired to rehabilitate, mend, tidy, make visible and spread knowledge about a heritage site in the neighbourhood surroundings in order to maintain heritage sites and culture monuments and strengthen the cultural competence of children and youth; at the same time they provide knowledge to other groups of people in the community about the local history.

Presenting the project, which won the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award 2012 in the category Education, training and awareness-raising (Grand Prix), is the director of Norwegian Heritage Foundation, Simen Bjřrgen. He has been the director of the Foundation since 2011 and before that has worked on different positions as Lom municipality Mayor, Vĺgĺ buisnessgarden general manager, A-K machines Vinstra Division General Manager and Felleskjřpet Otta District Manager.
Presentation is taking place on September 20th, 9.30 – 9:55


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