EASA 2002 – Dragodid dry stone workshop

Dragodid is a settlement on the northwestern side of the island of Vis, 45 minutes of walk uphill from Komiza. The village was founded in the beginning of the XIX century by Suic family, and has been inhabited until the middle of the XX century.

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The workshop concept was to rebuild the destroyed roof of an auxillary house in the original way, using the materials from the surroundings: pine rafters, joprina (wallnut-like bush) rods and limestone tiles. The only bought material were nails.
Besides the reconstruction itself, the aim was also to feel the spirit of the first settlers who had to create acceptable life conditions on their own. In other words, we had to carry the supplies and equipment from Komiza using a donkey, we went to bring the fresh water from the cistern every day, we chopped the wood to prepare the meals on the fireplace…

The workshop took place from 31.07. to 07.08.2002.


Day one: after the arrival and getting familiar with the place, we went down to Zokamica bay and we brought the prepared wooden material from the forest to Dragodid.
Day two: we brought the plate beam, tie beams and the rest of the rafters. Plate beam, ridge beam and tie beams were placed, stone tiles were sorted and joprina rods were cut the same day. First supplying from Komiza was carried out.
Day three: the placing of the rafters began, along with some more rods and stones business.
Day four: the roof construction was finished and the mounting of the rods began.
Day five: further rod mounting and eaves adjusting. In the evening – trip to the fishermen’s night in Komiza.
Day six: rest and return from Komiza. Supplying.
Day seven: end of the work with celebration and checking of the rebuilt house.
Trial by fire: the roof pulls the smoke outwards like it’s supposed to.
Trial by rain: not a single drop inside.
Last supplying from Komiza.
Day eight: adios, see you next year.


General: Andrija Suic
General’s aid: Nediljka Buric, Ive Buric, Bluelady and Gali (donkeys), Sony and Bobi (dogs)
Tutors: Filip Bubalo, Nikica Renic
Students: Peter (Sweden)
Karin (Denmark)
Peter (Denmark)
Haimo (Germany)
Karin (Germany)
Viktor (Russia)
Luci (Brasil)
Mitko (Bulgaria)
+ guests from Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia…

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