Najava: PROJECT KRAS 2011 workshop dry wall



University of Ljubljana

Faculty of Architecture

Chair of Theory and History of Architecture

Zoisova 12

SI 1000 Ljubljana



Tourist community of Lokev

Community of Lokev

The Škocjan Caves Park

ICOMOS Slovenia


Calendar of workshop

Workshop will be held from 15th April till 16th May 2011.


Field work is planned to be 5 days (from 18th till 22nd April) and is combined from two parts:

  • Introduction lectures and Kras field trips.
  • Work on specified site (dry walling – wall and shelters).


At the end of workshop finalized documentation of build constructions will be done (students with mentor).

On 14th May is planned opening of exhibition of our work at workshop.


Workshop organising persons

doc.dr. Domen Zupancic

00 386 1 2000 776


prof. dr. Borut Juvanec

00 386 1 2000 750


Boris Cok (Lokev)

Mitja Kobal (Branik)

Pino Hrovatin (Trebce)

Norman Haddow (DSWA UK Scotland)

doc.dr. Domen Zupančič

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3 responses to “Najava: PROJECT KRAS 2011 workshop dry wall”

  1. Mickey Avatar

    Htjela sam se s najboljom namjerom prijaviti na radionicu, a usput sam se i interesirala za nekoliko detalja samog programa. Vec mi danima nitko ne odgovara na mail. Veoma profesionalno.

  2.  Avatar

    moras razumjet, to su profesori 😛

  3.  Avatar

    mrežna adresa radionice sa rasporedom je

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