Pressclip: Help out and have fun – volunteer opportunities in Croatia

like Croatia, 30.8.2012.

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4 responses to “Pressclip: Help out and have fun – volunteer opportunities in Croatia”

  1. Ana Avatar

    When will your volunteer session be in 2013? Can you plea send me details, and would this be appropriate to have my children join me who are 11and 17?

  2. kravosas Avatar

    Dear Ana, thank you for your interest! 11 and 17 are fine for kind of workshops. We don’t know yet the exact schedule for next year, but workshops of this kind are mostly held between April and October. We’ll announce the public dry-stone workshop, wheather ours or our partners’, and if you want, we can add you to our mailing list as well.

  3. Hedi Kirnbauer Avatar
    Hedi Kirnbauer

    Draga Ana,
    kako ste?

    Uccim hrvatski jezik… I hope to get better…
    well, a great wish from me is, to have alonger stay in Croatia… longer than holidays and maybe, if I will find a place
    we’d like to stay for a few years – so God will!!!
    For that reason I’m always looking for good contacts and opportunities to build a “bridge” – a starting point from wich I can look for a house…
    that’s why volunteering is a good opportunity for that plan!
    I’m interested in all things about building drywalls, stone houses… gardening, and my favourite is cleaning the beaches 🙂
    Maybe you have an advice for me :))

    I am 52 yrs, female and live in Austria… I’m allready retired so I don’t have earn money…
    my longtime partner will come with me… he’s an allround craftsman, but learnt plumper and later much woodwork and swimmingpool building… ah, btw – I learnt to build swimming ponds… biological of cousre something like biotopes…

    I look very much forward to hear from you!!!
    Kind regards from Austria

  4. Levantinka Avatar

    Dear Hedi,

    it’s nice to hear that you find Croatia so interesting, we do too!
    I can recommend a few great volunteering places and events in 2017 that are already announced, such as:

    – Gea Viva on Brač island. See here:
    It is an eco base that organises diverse volunteer workshops throughout the year and so far, for 2017 they announced a dry stone building workshop in May 12-14. Contact:

    – Lavender festival. See here:
    Every year during the last Friday and Saturday of June, there is a Lavender festival in a small village Velo Grablje on Hvar island. During the festival, there are many opportunities for volunteering, such as organising the festival, harvesting lavender, dry stone walling, participating at the lavender fair etc. Contact:

    – Volunteering in Croatian national parks and nature parks. See here:
    There are over 30 different opportunities for volunteering in Croatian parks and you can apply for any of them depending on your posibilities and interests. Contact:

    – Volunteering at Bogata šuma ”rich forrest”. See here:
    A Dutch family living a self sufficient lifestyle and accepting volunteers throughout the year in central Croatia. Contact:

    As far as our, Dragodid’s volunteer workshops in 2017, we announce them a few weeks earlier but they are usually open to anyone who is interested and last mostly a few days. Most of our workshops are held from April to October and you are free to follow our announcements on and our facebook page.

    Good luck,
    Julia B.

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