Kongres Konavle 2021. – Zbornik radova / Proceedings

Zbornik radova međunarodnog suhozidnog kongresa Konavle 2021. / International congress on dry stone Konavle 2021. “Dry stone perspectives: challenges after the UNESCO inscription” – Proceedings

Cavtat, 1.-2. listopada 2021. / October 1-2 2021

Nakladnik | Publisher: 4 GRADA DRAGODID
Urednice | Editors: Andrea Čeko, Julia Bakota Švencbir
Izvršna urednica i lektorica | Executive editor and proof reader: Jana Kačar
Grafička priprema | Layout: Miran Križanić
Mjesto i godina izdavanja: Split, 2023.
ISBN: 978-953-50633-0-8


Introduction to dry stone

A. Trojanović, G. Andlar, P. Đukan, P. Sturica, Croatia
Dry stone of Konavle inventorisation (EN)

B. Juvanec, Slovenia
Dry stone objects by purpose (EN)

Get inspired by successful projects

A. Schaus, A. Monnaie, M. Meester, Belgium
INTERREG project “Dry stone in Grande Région” – the results of five years of collaboration, awareness raising and field action (FR)

A. Petschen, A. Roca, Societat Històrico-Arqueològica Martí i Bella, Spain
A Heritage Saved Thanks To The Action Of Civil Society (EN)

Transferring the skill and knowledge

S. Drymoniti, Greece
Dry stone workshop on the island of Amorgos, Greece (11-15 October 2021) (EN)

A. Reynés Trias, P. Alvaro Frotte, Spain
The qualification and professional training of dry stone builders in Spain (FR)

Places and practices

K. Šaravanja, F. Oreč, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dry stone heritage of Herzegovina region (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (EN)

K. A. Markakis, Greece
Restoration, promotion & utilization of mountainous traditional dry stone constructions. Confirmation of their existence, age, communal Use, public property and jurisprudence (EN)

D. Larcena, France
Agricultural landscape and dry stone of island Brač, Croatia (EN)
Agricultural landscape and dry stone of island Brač, Croatia (FR)

I. K. Papaeftychiou, Greece
Dry stone constructions in Greece. Their value and their devaluation (EN)

A. Theodosiou, Cyprus
Best practices in Cyprus and Palestine after the UNESCO inscription (EN)

R. Tufnell, UK
Fishing Traps and Weirs (EN)

P. Balthazar, France
Le Jardin Clos du Pré Nouveau. Un jardin pour cultiver la mémoire locale (FR)

Technologies for safeguarding heritage

F. Šrajer, Croatia
Model for Inventory, Monitoring and Evaluation of Dry Stone Structures in Croatia; Case Study Stari Grad Plain on Hvar Island (doctoral dissertation summary) (EN)

C. Mallafrè Balsells, A. Costa Jover, S. Coll Pla. Spain
The dry stone huts typology. Structure from motion photogrammetry as a tool for surveying and analysing dry stone constructions (EN)

Art and symbol

‘A. Acovitsioti-Hameau, P. Hameau, France
Building cairns: is it enough to talk about dry stone? Reconciling practice, performance and symbolism. (EN)

J. Lavergne, France
Presence of dry stone in the arts (EN)
Presence of dry stone in the arts (FR)

M. Dragone, Italy
Dry stone and art: from material to immaterial (EN)
Dry stone and art: from material to immaterial (FR)

Market and economy

C. Cornu, France
Building shared tools and methods to convince managers (EN)
Building shared tools and methods to convince managers (FR)

Biodiversity and protected areas

A. Pitta, Cyprus
Dry stone Walling as a valuable intangible asset regards Tourism in Troodos Unesco Geopark (EN)


‘A. Acovitsioti-Hameau, France
Hommage à Jean Nicod (1923 – 2021) et aux jardins du karst (EN)
Hommage à Jean Nicod (1923 – 2021) et aux jardins du karst (FR)


Organizatori / Organisers:  DRAGODID, International Scientific Society for Dry Stone Interdisciplinary Study (S.D.S.)

Znanstveni odbor / Scientiffic Committee:
za/for SPS: Mr. Michelangelo Dragone, Mme Danièle Larcena, Mme Antonia Theodosiou
za/for DRAGODID: Ms. Tihana Fabijanić, Mr. Borut Juvanec,  Mr. Jadran Kale

Organizacijski odbor / Organisation Committee:
za/for SPS: Ms. ‘Ada Acovitsioti-Hameau, Ms. Claire Cornu, Ms. Eleni Pangkratiou
za/for DRAGODID: Ms. Julia Bakota Švencbir, Mr. Filip Bubalo, Ms. Anita Trojanović

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